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Roofing Contractors Can Assess The Situation

It is now accepted, when contracting any new roof repairs to be done, that it is important not to restrict the traditional building materials and structures from breathing. However, attention was focused on the damage by the use of modern paint systems, and cement mortars and renders. The part of an old building where the performance and attention to detail is often overlooked is the roof. This is the principal area where ventilation could easily take place, especially in traditionally detailed tiled or slated roofs.

Many historic roofs have been broken down by the use of roofing felts and insulation. Although roofing felts are now sold as being vapour permeable, up until recently almost all Roofing Company Morehead City NC felts were impervious. Roofing felt was introduced to act like a secondary barrier, against wind, snow, and rain. However, its also the cause of reducing air movement within a roof space, especially if the felt is impervious, and this is often compounded by the use of insulation. Fibreglass, quilt, or resin fibre materials, for instance, are often put over eaves, and to the underside of the roof, along with the roofing felt.

Roofing contractors first introduced felt on a regular basis in the 1930s, it comprised of thin building paper. However, after the 2nd World War bitumen and plastic felts were more used.
Insulation was introduced on a huge scale after the 1970s oil crisis. This is due to the need to make buildings more energy efficient. Insulating homes is also seen as the most effective way of reducing the demand of fuels, cutting down on pollution.

The lessons being learnt of the problems caused by earlier improvements to the efficiency of older buildings need to be heeded,

It is vital that a holistic approach is taken for the building to be understood. The roof and walls are a part of the building, and have an active and ongoing relationship with the rest of the building and its occupants.

The two most used ways in which the performance of the roof has been dramatically and detrimentally altered are the use of insulation and impervious roofing felt.

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