Before Hiring Any Company To Fix Your Roof

Always Check To See If A Roofing Contractor Is Legal

Beware of any roofing contractor making door-to-door or telephone pitches, offering to do repairs to roofs and storm damage done to your home. Never sign the insurance check, never pay with cash, or pay the whole amount before the work is completed. The Home Improvement law stops a roofing contractor from taking a down payment of more than a third of the total amount.

Before you hire a roofing company to perform any kind of work to your home, always be sure to check them out first before hiring them. Make sure they are licensed. A roofing company Roofer Morehead City NC will say and advertise that they are licensed, bonded and insured. However, this may only be their county Business License. This is easily obtainable by paying a small amount of money; insurance will not cover shoddy workmanship, and a bond is very rarely obtained unless a local permit office requires it. Some contractors may be licensed, but not sufficiently financially protected to perform the entire job. Should a roofer give you more than one contract, or even several invoices, this is often a big red flag, suggesting that they are trying to go around the law to perform work over their monetary amount limit. Whenever a roofer is hired, they must be licensed with their local government, this is to ensure they obtain permits for inspections.

Even after a rigorous check out, you may still experience problems after you have hired a contractor, or if they took any payment without completing or even started the work. Should this happen, don’t be embarrassed to report them. Many good con men know how to manipulate, and take advantage of people. These are the ones that give good contractors a really bad name! You can fight this by filing a complaint, and getting them reported before the same happens to other unsuspecting people.

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